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a family of 4 humans, 2 rescue dogs and 1 cat – living, working and exploring around the world, full time since 2017
… everyday is an adventure!

Our first adventure home was a Ford Roller Team motorhome, then came fully building out, our own off-grid home from a 4×4 Sprinter (whilst living in it!)… our newest wagon is our land yacht – an Iveco RS Race Cruiser.

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Full time travelling with Topsy in our van is one of our most asked about, without a doubt…
we try to answer all your van cat questions right here, plus share some of our tips and great products that make Topsys life on the road easy!

This is a totally amazing lake that is absolutely alive with wildlife and in the summer, is adorned with sensational colour.

This is 100% one to visit – find the coordinates right here!

The hottest temperatures we have reached so far whilst living in the van has been 45 °C outside in the shade… without air con.

We share our experiences and top tips for tackling the heat whilst living in a van with kiddos and pets!

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.... all authentically put through their paces by us!

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