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About Van Journey.....

We are Kate and Martin, we have two children Shannon and Phoebe – 10yrs and 8yrs when we set off.

In 2017 sold/donated everything, cutting all ties with bricks and mortar, to hit the road living full time in our van, along with our dog Milo and Shannon’s cat Topsy.

We saved like crazy to head off to Europe for 2018, and have been to some insanely outstanding places….. along the way we met some adorable puppies, that had been dumped in the bins at a beach where we were staying, at just 6 weeks of age…. cue Cooper, our newest family member, we couldn’t walk away from these friendly pups that were brimming with love, he has travelled with us ever since.

Why Did We Hit The Road??

By 2006 we had racked up some pretty hefty debt, learning the hard way we spent the next 7years paying every penny back.

In 2013 we were in the right place at the right time and were offered our then ‘dream’ country house – at a steal rental price, we would never have been able to afford to buy this place – so we sold our house and jumped right in.

After 4.5 years we decided we were done chasing rainbows…..  Martin an Engineer and Kate a full time mum (a locum Veterinary Nurse before the arrival of our girls) – our work/life balance had become way out with Martin’s job, meanwhile our kids are growing up so fast.

We have always had a real passion for travel and the outdoors, from holidays overseas to days out, or just getting out and about walking the dogs.   We found ourselves with less and less time to do this. 

Growing up Kate travelled extensively worldwide with families work, including living in Australia – going back her family has also travelled hitchhiking and living in vans… once travel gets in your blood you’re hooked!

Forever having itchy feet (no not literally) and feeling there was more to life than working and paying bills, with very little spare time to call our own and enjoy the people that really matter – time with each other. 

Somehow we had gotten caught up building this life that we thought we were ‘supposed’ to – house, car, good job working long hours, blah blah….. yet the fire within us for cutting loose still burnt strong, so we ditched the daily grind for the life we choose.

It was a family decision, initially dreamed up by us (Kate and Martin), totally back by the kids – this answered their dandelion wishes of daddy not having to head off to work anymore (or much less anyway).

We already home educate, so this amazing lifestyle 100% fits with with us, both Shannon and Phoebe have absolutely flourished since moving into the van, thriving and learning more than ever living this way of life.

Where Have We Been?...

So far we have adventured to 27 countries plus 5 Greek Islands (21 in the van) – sure its not always easy going, but that is life and we have made the most amazing memories, our family is stronger than ever and we have no plans to return to house-life……. WE HAVEN’T LOOKED BACK!

We keep on rolling – around the UK, Europe and beyond – come along for the ride, our followers are like family!

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The Best Experiences Ever

"This is a full time lifestyle for us, we have had the best time as a family and have been to some insanely amazing places, experienced different cultures, created lifelong memories and embraced simplicity...... sharing all this as a family has been incomparable"
Martin and Kate
Van Journey

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