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UK mainland postage is on us, graciously included on all orders over £40 from Van Journey.

With individual gift wrapping, lovingly by hand, gratis as standard!

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Discover the beauty of our handmade designs today. Our artisanal products showcase unique designs, that reflect our passion for nature, travel and our laidback lifestyle.

Our collections are constantly evolving with new and exciting one off pieces, so come back often to see what's new!

All personally selected or wild harvested by our nomadic family, from some very special places across the lands.

Cherish them and be inspired.

No two are the same, every piece is unique + just yours ♥

handmade sterling silver, copper, sea glass and recycled jewellery, gifts and homewares, with meaning.

- from our roving home, to yours, wherever or whatever that may be -

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Fruit and Veg Hammocks

Keep your fruit and veggies fresh and organised with our stylish, handcrafted fruit and veg hammocks. Shop now and add a touch of elegance to your campervan or motorhome kitchen!
Keep your fruit and veggies fresh and organised with our stylish, handcrafted fruit and veg hammocks. Shop now and add a touch of elegance to your campervan or motorhome kitchen!
Handmade Sterling Silver, Copper, Sea Glass and Beach Gifts With Meaning!

Deciding that the nomadic life, living in a motorhome was going to be more of an adventure for our family, 6 months later, in 2017, we hit the road, leaving everything we knew behind.  Swiftly falling in love with the lifestyle and strolling along the Aegean shoreline, making memories and collecting many beach treasures with our two daughters, the idea of making unique travel inspired gifts and handmade jewellery sprung to mind.  Bringing those special places to you, with good vibes, for you to keep forever.


Our necklaces, keyrings, wishing bottles and charms, are the perfect gift choice for all occasions - weddings, christmas, birthdays, anniversary’s or as that special gift, for someone that you thought had it all!

All our items are handmade with love, care, and attention, from the very beginnings, by our own hands.

When you personally, are not stood on the land that you hold close to your heart, that place or those views, that truly feels like home, or holds those precious memories, our treasures mean that no matter where you are, you can ground yourself to this special place, keeping the spirit and good vibes with you.  We wish our creations become your amulet, to bring you good luck, good health and hope always.

We're proud to be a small family business and we really do love hearing back from people who have brought a treasure from us, so feel free to stay in touch, take a quick piccy and share away!

From our lorry home to yours, wherever or whatever that may be, from us Martin and Kate, our two free spirited girls Shannon and Phoebe, our land yachts cat, Topsy and our (often) salty rescue dogs Milo, Cooper and Leni Bear - we're all very grateful for you dropping by here today and taking the time to browse our designs.  We all take part in the process of finding, collecting, making and sending you, your handmade jewellery, gifts and homewares.


All our pieces are hand-gift wrapped as standard.  All that with free UK delivery on orders over £40, what's not to love?!

Explore the range of artisan made designs, buy that special someone something today or just treat yourself!

Remember, each design is a one-off, we may have a similar piece at some point so please reach out, however, no two pieces are ever the same! 

We have boxes and drawers of sea glass and treasures onboard, from many places still to be created into beautiful pieces (including England, Scotland, Greece, Turkiye, Portugal and Spain!)... so if you cannot see your special place here, it may pop up in future, so please watch this space or, again, reach out to us

Find out more about our sea glass and other treasure right here.

For the full lowdown on our returns policy, please read here.

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Sea Glass

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Beach Waves

Supporting Our Adventures

Please know that each and every order, supports our little family and keeps our road trip adventures rolling.  Every order is very exciting for our small family business and leads to BIG smiles and happy dances!

Love always,

Martin, Kate, Shannon, Phoebe, Topsy, Milo, Cooper and Leni Bear xoxo 

Wonder where our sea glass comes from??

watch some of the locations come to life in our videos 

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