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Ford Roller Team Motorhome, Crete, Greec
Van journey

how do we fund our travels?.....

This has to be right up there as one of our MOST ASKED QUESTIONS - which we totally understand, this lifestyle is amazing and is the dream of so many people -  we 100% get this, we have been there!

There is no secret here, we worked hard and saved like crazy, every penny we could to self fund our life on the road.  We only buy what we need to - it really is amazing what you can live without and get used to living simply if you are heading for van life. 

Martin an Engineer earning good money, Kate a stay home mum - we always said when we have kids, the one of us that earns the least money would stay home to be there for our children.... Kate being a locum Veterinary Nurse, Martin earned significantly more hands down. 


Once we had set our sights on van life, we began clearing the house, this took around 7 months.... selling or donating everything we were not going to need - we have to say that this is one of the MOST LIBERATING feelings ever! 

It was during this process we purchased our van, having never even slept in a motorhome before and still needing to get our C1 license to drive our new home, it just felt right.

After 5 months of clearing our house (at this point we were renting) we handed in our 1 months notice, the date was set and ready or not, we were moving out.

The day we moved into our van and drove away it was snowing - EXCELLENT, we said if we can happily get through winter in our van we are on to a winner.... we were spot on!  We went through weeks of minus temperatures and snow, we were lovely and cosy in the van, heating it with a heater that wouldn't even warm up our living room in the house!

We stayed in the UK whilst we tucked away as much money as we could  - living in the van took away even more temptation to buy non-essentials, you become very aware of the stuff you do not need cluttering up these tiny homes.

We are so grateful that with Martin's wage we could save fairly easily, with heaps of overtime granted - we would LOVE to have an income on the road, for us this is an option we are still waiting to discover.  For now, we work Engineering contracts whilst we travel, as and when we need to to top up.

We kept some money back, which we haven't touched - if we wish to settle or for emergency's its right there. 

So there it is, all we can advise is SAVE and only buy what you honestly need, live simply.  If you have an income you can take on the road or a house you can rent out, 100% consider this option - you then have your ongoing funding!  Everyone's situation is different, but we totally believe if there is a will there is a way and travelling with our family has been the BEST thing we have ever done!

We really hope this helps you and provides the insight so many of you were after.  Any questions, we are always happy to help if we can..... head over to our contact us page and drop us a line!



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