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Discover Your Path with Van Journey Mentorships

Are you thinking about taking a leap into full-time life on the road, converting your own rolling home, commissioning a build or taking that trip of a lifetime? Maybe you're overwhelmed, or just simply have heaps of questions?! 


We help folks create their nomadic lifestyle and take back control of their life. Assisting you to make the best decisions, for you. Offering exclusive one to one video sessions, Q&A sessions, plus we will hold your hand with follow-up access to us via whatsapp messages - this is exclusive to our clients. 


If you are looking for independent, proficient and honest guidance on this lifestyle, making the move as smooth as possible (we want exciting not stressful!), van conversions, certain build aspects, features and specifications, we can help guide you into your next chapter and get you on the road!

Why Us?

You've likely just found yourselves the most experienced, savvy and accomplished mentors in this lifestyle.

We consciously unplugged from the madness and hit the road as a family, back in 2017.  Leaving our rented house with zero savings, we worked hard to create the life we wanted for our family, totally fell in love with the travelling lifestyle and have been on the road ever since.  Literally, every single night in our vans, since leaving our brick home over half a decade ago, and that includes right through the last few years of this crazy world.

This lifestyle is no full-time holiday and we will tell you this (depending on your situation, it can be for some!), it didn't come easy to us.  We had no house to rent out and to this day, we do not want the ball and chain it comes with... being totally determined, we worked real hard to tap into our skills and the things we love doing, plus both stepped outside our comfort zones, all to make our dream happen and take back our time together... you can never make more of that stuff you know! 

Now nearly 6 years solid on the road we haven't looked back and have no plans to settle (just the thought of that actually feels uncomfortable).  So far we've adventured 27 countries through Europe, the Balkans and Turkiye, plus 4 greek islands, in our vans alone.

We're busy raising our two free spirited daughters along the way and together, we’ve personally rescued 2 puppies and raised them on the road too - Cooper from Greece and Leni from Turkiye.

Our rolling homes have been 3 very different vans: our ford motorhome, our self-built off grid 4x4 Sprinter and now our 7.5 ton truck.

Martin is a multi-skilled, electrically bias engineer, with over 26 years experience.  We know whats its like hunting for your perfect van, be it a self build already done out, a factory made motorhome or even that perfect chasis, to begin your own creation!  Viewing already built self-builds, is what lead us to doing our own van out... we saw some horror stories and wagons being mis-sold (so look hard, spend time and be cautious guys).  Building out our own home on wheels, we were super glad of Martin's skills, the van was over engineered if anything and it proved itself massively, making this the ultimate adventure rig.


We have been sharing our world with you all, giving everyone an insight into our life on the road.  When we ourselves, embarked on our nomadic way of life, there was no help available and now we help folks daily.  We are more recently seeing an increase in the need to simplify life and reconnect. Naturally, we only have a certain amount of time in our own days and want to help as many good people as we can, hence these consults have grown from this.

Life's for living folks and today is for life! 

We're glad you've found us, now come aboard!

Can we help you?

With years of true experience, on so many levels within this lifestyle, our clients come to us as we can offer a wealth of knowledge, that can only come from first hand experience living this way of life, for as long as we have. 


Typically our clients are:

  • serious about making the jump into full-time life on the road

  • on the brink of a build out or big upgrades

  • in the process of researching and investing in a new van or motorhome


All want support in highlighting and understanding options and possibilities of what lies ahead.

If none of the above are you, but you believe we can help, please get in touch... we are here!

How much is the best knowledge gonna cost me?

Van Journey Consults are available for £35 per hour.

We could literally chat for hours and have been known to do so, hence we now have to schedule!

Depending on the topic of discussion, you may find multiple sessions with us best, to digest the info and line up more questions.

Using Whatsapp for our video consults, means you can speak with us from your laptop or phone.

Google Meet for our video consultations which will work from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Support Between Sessions

After or between your video consults, you will have access to our client exclusive whatsapp messages.

Limited to one message a week.

If you feel you would like more support, we offer unlimited for £5 per week, this is offered on a fair use basis.  If we feel this is not being respected, messages will be paused.

Although we try our best, we cannot guarantee an immediate response, remember you are corresponding with a real life travelling family here, not a well staffed office!

Do you offer quick voice call guidance?

Depending on the nature and depth of your enquiry, or for your subsequent calls, we do sometimes agree to voice calls.  Get in touch and let us know the details.

We ideally schedule ahead to ensure good network coverage is hunted down prior to your consult, if you would like to speak with us before and maybe our network coverage is patchy (it does happen!), we sometimes can offer a voice call.