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This family sold everything to live and travel in a van! Do you ever find yourself, sitting there, wandering off into space, dreaming about quitting the day job, selling everything, and going off on some incredible adventure while living a more simplistic life?..... they did just that!

Kate and Martin Thacker, alongside their daughters Shannon and Phoebe, dogs Milo and Cooper, and cat Topsy, are seeing out these unprecedented times in a rather unique location - an olive grove on the Greek island of Corfu.

The family riding out coronavirus lockdown on a Greek olive grove sold everything and adopted a new way of life in 2017, cutting all ties with bricks and mortar.

Since 2017 this amazing family of 4 have been living in their campervan, travelling non-stop, together with their 2 dogs (one rescued along the way) and their daughters cat Topsy!

This family travel in their van full time and have always loved Greece - they speak about lockdown life in a campervan on the beautiful island of Corfu.