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Sunrise through the cliffs. The mesmerising blue sea hitting the rocks. Van Journey Travel Family.

The Sea Glass or Drift Glass and other beach treasures, that we use in our designs are unique and very special, as we personally see them through each step of the way, from being hand-picked and wild harvested, by our real life nomadic family, right from the very spot each piece is washed up by the forces of nature, on the very beaches of each collection you see in our store.

Once collected, our finds are hand sorted, categorised, cleaned and carefully stored by us, awaiting to be made into our beautiful artisan designs. 

Our Sea Glass

All the sea glass we work with here at Van Journey is pure and authentic, meaning it has been made by natural forces.


Our sea glass is rare phenomena, that only occurs when two worlds work together.  So unique is that combination, of nature and mankind working together to create something precious and beautiful. 


Although at first, many many moons ago, our glass was thrown into the seas and oceans as a result of littering, most have taken over a lifetime of erosion, for mother nature to create the beautiful charms of frosted glass we see today.  Very much like nature's recycling process for glass, then repurposed by us, here at Van journey! 

The broken glass travels with the waves up, tumbling back and forth with the rocks and sand, onto the beach and then back into the sea, over and over again.  So captivating, is the length of time it takes mother nature to create the final masterpiece.  Particularly in seas that see more calmer times, such as many destinations we find our treasures, it can take 100-200 years or more, to evolve a piece of everyday glassware, into the beautiful charms, we here at Van Journey use today.  

Human civilisation began using glass around 3500 B.C, most early civilisations settled near large bodies of water, and when it was discarded it often found its way into oceans.  The fact that our glass and treasures may date back this far is incredible. 

Most precious gem stones, such as diamonds, amethyst and sapphire are mined from mother earth and crafted by humans.  Sea glass, is quite the reverse, created by humans and crafted by mother nature, pretty enchanting we reckon!

In recent years, sea glass has become harder to find, as people have started recycling and beaches are putting greater efforts into keeping their shores clean.   Plus, the increased use of plastic bottles as opposed to glass, will continue to contribute dramatically to the decline in sea glass.

Discover the beauty of the Van Journey Designs today. Our artisanal products showcase unique designs, that reflect our passion for nature, travel and our laidback lifestyle.

Our collections are constantly evolving with new and exciting one off pieces, so come back often to see what's new!

Ariel view of the perfect beach. Turquoise waters and sandy beach. Van Journey Travel Family.
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