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Dimitrios Shipwreck

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Full of presence and mysterious vibes........

Dimitrios Shipwreck, totally dramatic on the golden sands of Valtaki Beach, full of presence and mysterious vibes.

We arrived pretty late in the day, after a bite to eat, which turns out set the mood flawlessly - the beach was empty and dusk was fast approaching.

So, the story goes (well the most intriguing of them), Dimitrios was used to smuggle cigarettes between Turkey & Italy then was torched to hide the evidence.

You can find Dimitrios just outside Gythio, Greece on Valtaki Beach, where the ship ran aground in 1981.

* SEA TURTLE NESTS *..... If you decide to visit (great decision), be sure to go careful of the baby Sea Turtle nests.

Type: Wild

Services: None

Co-ordinates: Lat 36.7890, Long 22.5821


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