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Elaia Beach, Peloponnese

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Heading to the Rio-Antirrio Bridge to cross over onto the Peloponnese, we settled at Elaia Beach - forest camping mecca, turtle nesting beach and abandoned puppies......

Heading to the Rio-Antirrio Bridge to cross over onto the Peloponnese.....this bridge out it has serious wow factor.

On route we passed by this huge Fender Stratocaster outside Stollas Music, Patras - nearly a match for Phoebe's guitar and made one happy little lady.

We settled at Elaia Beach on the Peloponnese - an awesome forest camping mecca, with amazing vibes & great people. There are heaps of shady spots, showers/taps and a bakery van stopping by around 10am each morning - winnner!

On the beach there are Sea Turtle nests and lots of them.... We have never seen so many - its utterly beautiful and so special - if your visit be sure to leave these little guys in peace.

Just when you think this place is unforgettable enough......... cue the PUPPIES, though not the happiest of 'tails' as the litter of 8 were dumped in the local bins, at around 6weeks of age and shortly after they were found became seriously poorly, struck down with parvovirus....... There were five totally amazing little survivors that returned to the beach.

A wonderfully amazing lady, Dianna who helps local strays, has been keeping watch over them and taking care of their health - alongside kind campers who have helped by raising funds and assisting in feeding. What a TOTALLY AMAZING BUNCH. Despite their story, these great little characters are brimming with love, happiness and life and 3 bagged themselves new homes with fellow campers from Germany.

Type: Wild

Services: Water, Showers, Bins

Coordinates: Lat 37.3687, Long 21.6874



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