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Updated: Jan 25, 2019

THE BEST yet, right up there at the top of our favs list!

We stopped at Divari Beach (or Golden Sands) for a couple of hours - this is on Navarino Bay and is MAGNIFICENT.

The water is amazingly clear, calm & warm - PERFECT for swimming & snorkelling. Plus its's shallow a fair way out, so great for the kids - winner!

The natural backdrop is TOTALLY spectacular - plenty of wow factor here.

The dogs loved this beach too.... little Cooper had the opportunity to practice his puppy paddle in the calm shallow waters, whilst Milo enjoyed a good swim with the kids.

We stayed on a harbour the other side of the bay, which gave a very welcome breeze. Everyone was so friendly as we took a wander down to the village for some Pizza dinner. The evenings are totally beautiful, sitting on the calm harbourside watching the sunset, followed by the hustle, bustle & twinkly lights of the village from afar.

Definitely get this place on your go to list!

Type: Wild

Services: Bins, Water

Co-ordinates (*note: we stayed overnight at the harbour):

Harbour Lat 36.9155, Long 21.6954 or Lat 36.9147, Long 21.6973

Navarino Bay Lat 36.9524, Long 21.6613


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