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Rudniško Lake, Slovenia

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Lake, Forest, Bears....... one awesome campsite location!

Our first stop in Slovenia was at Camp Jezero Kočevsko at Rudniško lake. This place really does have it all, a beautiful lake, forest, great bike and walking routes and onsite, the BEST campsite facilities we have seen yet - modern & clean.... plus the kitchen was a hit with the kids !

Bears are often seen in the forest here, we didn't see any - we would have loved to have seen them in their natural habitat, but are happy we didn't disturb nature.

Slovenia really has been utterly charming, we have had so much fun here and been so welcomed - we came here by chance due to ferry availability and we totally have to put it right up there with our fav countries of 2018!

Type: Campsite

Services: Water, Showers, Toilets, Laundry, Modern Communal Kitchen, Play Area, W.C Disposal, Waste Water Disposal, Bins

Coordinates: Lat 45.6445, Long 14.8712



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