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That trip to the vets before entering the UK...

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

We have the perfect spot to get your faithful friend to the vets before heading to the UK!

Before heading to the UK, right now your dog will need to be treated against tapeworm - this must be both administered and fully recorded in your dogs passport BY A VET, no less than 24 hours and no more than 120 hours (5 days) before you enter the UK.

Check out the ‘Echinococcus treatment’ section in your dog’s passport for the following:

➜ the name and manufacturer of the product administered by the vet.

➜ the date and time the vet treated your dog.

➜ the vets signature and practice stamp.

There are a few exceptions....... if you are travelling directly to the UK from Finland, Ireland, Malta or Norway, then you currently do not need to follow this procedure.

It is 100% worth double checking pet passports are all in order and are filled out correctly before leaving the vets - we had a bit of trouble with Cooper's passport due to the issuing vets oversight (hands up we should have checked it sooner!) and if anything is out of place, you will not be catching that train or ferry, the UK are hot on it, as we discovered!.... but no drama, Eurotunnel Le Shuttle were pretty good, we were sorted within a few hours and our train moved free of charge!

Things are often changing so totally check out the latest on pet passports to ensure you have everything covered.

We found this place located spot on for us and would totally head there again.... we were travelling East towards Calais and didn't want to head right into Calais until we were arriving for the train - La Mailleraye-sur-Seine is a lovely town 154 miles from Calais - making this a perfect stop for that trip to the vets, before jumping on the tunnel or ferry to the UK.

Plus a gated park up is available, tucked away on the beautiful water front of the La Seine river for €5 + 0.50c per person!

☆ the vets here were brilliant with the puppies and cost €15 each for the pre-travel check/wormer (using own Drontal tablet).

☆ the vet is a 200m stroll away from this quiet aire.

☆ full van services are available here.

☆ everything you need for your stay is available a short walk away in town.

This little spot is a winner!

Type: €5 + 0.50c per person/24hrs

Services: Water, W.C empty, Grey Water Disposal.

Coordinates: Lat: 49.48422, Long: 0.77327


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