So Many Amazing Places – How Do We Find Them?

We have added coordinates to all our fav locations on their pages, but how do we discover them in the first place?!


Its a truly magnificent world out there, full of sensational places and amazing nature….. yet how do we hit on these places so often?!…..
We do not just stumble across paradise time and time again, it does happen and sometimes these are the best spots, yet not everywhere we stay is mind blowing amazing – we do see the best in everywhere we go, everywhere has something exciting or captivating going on and its always an adventure. 
We sometimes use these apps: Campervan Bible, Park4night, iOverland and Search For Sites, which have been brilliant and led us to some pretty mind blowing destinations.  Its great being able to check out others reviews and we can all help one another out on the road, by adding places and reviewing our own experiences.  We check when the last review was written and totally 100% go everywhere with an open mind – one persons idea of paradise may differ from your own (works both ways) and places can change pretty quickly and as the seasons progress, plus everywhere is busier at weekends/local holidays.  Your experience will be unique.
Another tool we use, is often checking out satellite images of places (these are not always bang up to date!), we have found some insanely gorgeous, naturally beautiful spots this way.
We also chat to fellow travellers on the road, who sometimes give a heads up on some awesome spots and, its always great just chilling out to spend time sharing travel stories.
The absolute best knowledge has to come from locals – be friendly, buy local, get chatting and always respect the environment – some of the worlds most beautiful hidden gems, are gifted knowledge from the most generous and welcoming local people.
Kate’s parents have travelled Europe and well beyond extensively, including hitchhiking with just a tent and a budget of £1/day all in, in the 1970’s and living in a van (as their only home), with a toddler in the 1980’s, map in hand and speaking to people along the way……….. what EPIC adventures and we believe this is what travelling is all about – getting out there, experiencing our sensational world and what life has to offer!
It is 100% possible without all these gadgets – without a doubt they do make things a damn sight easier and Kate’s parents would have really appreciated them back then! 
We are adding coordinates to our stops on our locations pages – check them out…. we have heaps to add and will keep them coming.
Any questions hit us with an email at or via our contact page  – we are always happy to help if we can!
All the best – see you out there, Kate and Martin