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The Van Journey family living lorry life at a mountain stop in TURKIYE. RS Motorhome Race Truck. Touring with the kids around the world since 2017.
Sponsor the race truck to have your brand travel with us.

Your Brand, Out There

Taking to the world stage and right in the heart of its own community 

  • international exposure for your brand

  •  to the right captive audience

  • in the right places

  • at the heart of its own community and the world stage

  • in a high impact way of reaching the millions of people

  • an already eye-catching and head-turning canvas

We are offering limited partnerships in a very unique and exciting sponsorship opportunity, that will deliver and bring you just that!

With over 5.5 years solid, real life experience living on the road internationally, our family is road trip savvy, with good travel etiquette, we are used to being in the public eye and respect what that entails.  We have a passion for our lifestyle, with proven competence.


Let our head-turner of a rolling home, become a canvas for your brand. Authentically fitting into the outdoor, camping and mobile living industry, we literally can not take this impressive 7.5 tonne eye catching motorhome anywhere, without positive attention and interest. Its rare, its big, it makes an entrance and it has the impact you want for your brand!

This is one you will not want to miss out on, so please reach out to us with details on your company and for more info on what we're offering.

Sponsoring Our Truck, The Benefits

We offer a high impact way of reaching the millions of people who regularly travel on all roads (motorways, A roads, B roads), to beaches and stay on campsites.  Across national and international regions.  Our sponsorship, offers brands the opportunity to engage with an audience, in an otherwise advertising-free environment.

Have you ever been on a motorway?... you will know truck advertising is hard to miss!  When combined with an eye-catching canvas, esp to those in the motorhome and camping community, this medium can create a message that road users will see, and remember.

Did You Know?

Some interesting facts about this brilliant opportunity...:

  • 91% of vehicle occupants, actively notice truck signage at the time of exposure. Over 35% of these, then study these messages at a later date online.

  • 97% of vehicle occupants, can recall specific campaigns, weeks after seeing them.

These are striking facts, so could this sponsor opportunity be right for you? 

Iveco Eurocargo motorhome travelling the Greek coastline.  Off road, off the beaten track and off grid travel. Sponsor the race truck to have your brand travel with us.


Truck displays are popular with a wide range of advertisers across various industries. This is due to the wide demographic who have the opportunity to see it in action, it has mass-market appeal. It is ideal for getting brands noticed, as well as being popular with general business marketing, retail and fashion.

The Van Journey RS Race Cruiser motorhome on a beach in Greece. Touring with the kids, dogs and cat. Sponsor the race truck to have your brand travel with us.


​We believe nothing beats a fully wrapped truck at getting your company or brand noticed, across the many lands we venture, as up to over 55,000 highly receptive people can see your brand on a daily basis. A wrap encompasses using both sides of the truck and the rear. Making it essentially an eye-catching moving billboard on roads, motorways, campgrounds and beaches. When fully wrapped the messages can't be ignored. 

The Van Journey RS Race Cruiser motorhome on a beach in Greece. Touring with the kids, dogs and cat. Sponsor the race truck to have your brand travel with us.

Captive Audience

One of this form of marketing's main benefit, is that it reaches an audience in a space currently unreachable with conventional mediums (apart from radio).  Also, research shows that drivers are highly responsive and aware of the ads - due to the repetitive and boring nature of driving. They are especially effective in traffic jams or when stuck behind lorries as there is nothing else to look at.  

The back of the RS motorhome travelling the UK roads. Sponsor the race truck to have your brand travel with us.

Truck Rear

It’s hard to beat the dwell time offered by a truck rear advertising campaign - it is 48 seconds on average! Imagine a busy main road, following our truck with your brand on, that’s the power of this sponsorship... the inability of the audience to look away, as they have to look ahead to drive!

It's an message you can't escape.

Are Other Areas Of The Truck Available For Sponsorship?

We offer many areas of the truck for sponsorship opportunities.  These include skirts and lockers, awning canopy and sides, rear wings and the over-cab pod.  With the size of the truck, these smaller areas still offer some great spaces and opportunity, with the skirts alone providing up to 4.69 m2.  We are always open for discussion, if you have a certain area or design in mind.

Van Journey parked up in Germany.  7.5 tonne motorhome travelling Europe.  Sponsor the race truck to have your brand travel with us.

Value For Money

As a sponsor, you can get fantastic value for money on all formats of truck sponsorship, including full wraps, sides, rear or cab campaigns.  It should be noted that currently truck advertising, is one of the most cost-effective advertising platforms across the UK and Europe, costing less than £0.75 or €0.87 per thousand people who see it.

Large motorhome travelling the NC500 in Scotland.  Parked on a Scottish highlands Locke on a winters evening. Sponsor the race truck to have your brand travel with us.

Truck Sides

Our sponsors will love the huge branding potential of our truck, its impressive size is larger than the equivalent 48 sheet billboard.  3D graphics can make your artwork pop out of the truck and attract attention to your brand. Truck side adverts are seen by drivers, passengers and people at the side of a road.

Parked up on a campground, fuel station or parking lot, a side view is the most common go-to, after folk have clocked our truck... to get a real good look at this rare beast.

The Van Journey road trip Europe again. RS Race cruiser on an Iveco Eurocargo chassis. Dirt track in northern Greece. With the blue sea surrounding. Sponsor the race truck to have your brand travel with us.

The Cab

With its wow factor, the big rig catches the eyes of most folk, on the road or pedestrians. When it does, the cab is either the initial attention grab and a real strong first impression, or that last chance they get to grab a good look, when overtaking us on the motorway, creating a real lasting imprint, that imprint could be your brand!

 Parking on campgrounds, this is the most guaranteed spot to be noticed, with like minded passers-by and new customers all day long.

Taking Your Brand To The Centre Of The Action

from as little as £185 per 300mm2 per year!

We take your brand deeper than all this.  As the popularity of motorhome, camping and reconnecting with the great outdoors, continues to soar across the UK and Europe, we take your brand direct, right to the heart of the action.  With over five and a half years solid, proven passion, we are already very much part of the living, breathing, growing community, that surrounds the outdoor and camping scene. 

Your brand will be centre stage, in the everyday real life, of camping, motorhome, outdoor and adventure enthusiasts.  From weekend family campers making the most of that precious time together, to the hardcore full-time road-trippers, from leisure walkers to the pro hikers, all share the same base camps, around the world... and guess what, your brand can be right there alongside each one of them.

Our truck already draws in the crowd, on campgrounds, at shows, at fuel stations, even on the road... we often get a toot and wave with a smile! It is highly photographed by third parties and appeals to the many.

We're always happy to have a chat with passing folks, often initiated with interest in our imposing home on wheels. 

Let your brand be a part of that, get in touch with us today.

To top this all off,  your brand will be getting additional online exposure.  We are photographers, videographers and writers - including the aerial art of the drone.  Your brand will appear as our journey is documented, in photos taken of our truck and appear in videos created, for an already established audience, that matches your market brand.




days living on the road

.. as of 31 August 2023

miles travelled by road so far

..and going up as you read!

nights spent on campgrounds

across UK, Europe, Balkans + Turkiye

...exploring more all year, every year!


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