Vlychada Beach, Peloponnese

This bay is UNBELIEVABLE…. 100% totally beyond describable!

If you are on the East of the Peloponnese, this place is near Richea and you will want to get yourself down here, it is absolutely stunning!
The drive through the village and down to the remote bay was pretty tight, steep and winding – 100% proceed with caution…… well worth it we think.
No phone signal and totally peaceful – at night it is so quiet, literally nothing except the occasional goat bell up in the distant hills.
Completely surrounded by nature, with breathtaking mountains and beautiful blue sea – plus the sun rise is MAGIC!
In the summer, there is a beach bar van in the bay with great vibes.

Type: Wild
Services: Water (not the easiest to access), Bins, Showers, Toilet, Beach Bar/Snack Van (summer only)
Coordinates: Lat 36.85819, Long 23.03792