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… your farm sitting questions, answered!

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Do you charge for farm sitting?

We travel full-time and love helping others along the way, getting to meet + care for new animal friends is a big reward for us and we’d love to be able to offer our services free of charge…. we do however have to keep our coins topped up – albeit one of the most rewarding ways of us doing so. We’re able to offer tailor made services to suit individual needs – of course depending on your farms requirements + time of year this can vary considerably…. so 100% reach out to us for a chat!

What can i expect from you?

Lots of correspondence beforehand to make sure that everyone’s expectations are clear – both yours and ours. It’s not uncommon for us to arrange a video chat before agreeing to a farm sit.  

Our arrival will be as far in advance of your absence, as you think is needed to get to grips with your set up. 

We have our own self sufficient rolling home – a 7.5 ton motorhome.  This is where we live full time – we are very comfortable here and do not require access to your private home.

Whilst you’re away, we’ll run things and take care of any livestock and pets exactly as you would. 

If you have any odd jobs or projects that need taking care of, let us know – we are pretty handy with most things. We’ll happily take care of regular jobs such as mowing your grass, water your plants etc.

We keep in contact with updates and photos directly if you wish + share on our socials after we leave – strictly never revelling location.

We will agree with you if it’s OK to leave the site for day trips or if you’d rather someone was there 24/7. 

It is important to note that we are a package deal – we travel as a family with two kiddos, three dogs and our daughters cat. 

Whats expected from me?

Ideally, at least a full day to show us the ropes on your farm, the key responsibilities + how you like things done. For a ‘back yard’ sit or a small holding, it often does not need that long. 

All thats needed for our rolling home, is a secure onsite space to park – on level (ish) ground + close to a water tap.  Access to an onsite sewage outlet – usually a manhole cover or outside toilet.  Electricity in winter is bonus – not essential. 

We’ll need contact details and instructions in case of an unlikely emergency situation.. for example vets, emergency services.

A heads up on your local area is great… nearest shop, any friendly neighbours etc.

Do you do ‘regular’ house/pet sitting also?

We would love to – we have lots of experience with pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits etc. 

If we are talking about a cattery set up, back yard chickens, outdoor rabbits, guinea pigs etc, or an onsite presence for security in your absence, then get in touch for sure – these set ups we can help with.

As we have our own accommodation in form of our rolling home, plus do have our own dogs + cat to consider….. we do not stay, use or need access your own private home + do not take on house sits of this kind.

Do you have references?

Of course, we will happily supply references that you can contact directly to ask about us. That way, you can ask them what you want to know. 

How long can you farm sit for?

It really depends on your needs and our other commitments. Anything from a week to three weeks is pretty common – if we’re in your area and you need us for a couple of days, get in touch. If you need longer or ongoing cover, let us know, we may be able to help!

Whats your availability?

As we travel full-time, we are very flexible with locations – right now are covering England, Wales and Scotland.

Drop us an email or message to chat about availability..

⭒ email us at

⭒ fill in the contact form – on our contact us page

⭒ or hit us with a message on our facebook page or instagram (you can also use the messenger tab on our website).

How do i arrange a farm sit?

Get in touch – telling us briefly about yourself, your farm and what you’re looking for, as well as the rough dates you’d be looking at needing us.

From there, we’ll look at our availability + get back in touch with you to discuss things further. 

Feel free to email or message us, anytime… 

⭒ email us at

⭒ fill in the contact form – on our contact us page

⭒ or hit us with a message on our facebook page or instagram (you can also use the messenger tab on our website).

If you have any other questions at all, feel free to reach out to us!

Cheers and all the best - martin and kate

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All the best - Martin and Kate

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