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Sosta at Ristorante Fenicottero Rosa, Italy

Less than an hour from Rome and in the totally beautiful Italian countryside - great place and great people!

We stayed at this lovely little sosta for a few days - near Cerqueto, Italy..... really great place and run by great people!

Just under an hour from Rome, out in the beautiful quiet Italian countryside - perfect if you have spent some time in the city or like us, just love being closer to nature out in the country!

This is a beautiful spot out of the way, with great views, perfect to walk the dogs and a stunning lake, plus there is a well stocked, well priced bar & shop - WINNER!

Very welcoming and an offer of brekkie as an add on.

Standard cost: €12 per night - inc electric if you need it, loos and showers..... 100% well worth a stop over.

Type: €12/night

Services: Water, W.C empty, Electric, Grey Water Disposal, Toilets, Showers, Bar, Shop

Coordinates: Lat: 42.02938, Long 12.03706



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