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Crossing The River Danube

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

We crossed the river Danube by ferry ⛴ from Romania over to Bulgaria.

Paying on arrival the process was pretty straight forward, the crossing itself was swift and pleasant - there was a little wait for the ferry and be prepared for the taxes..... the Romanian tax before booking the ferry and the Bulgarian tax once across the other side.

Once in Bulgaria you need to take your vehicles V5, passports for everyone travelling and vignette payment over to the booth...... unless like us you enjoy queuing up twice!

The cost for our 8.4m van was €67, this includes Romanian Tax, the ferry crossing, Bulgarian Tax and a 24hour Bulgarian Vignette (we were en route to Greece - vignettes for longer lengths of time are available for extra cost).


from Romania Lat 43.7491, Long 23.9611

to Bulgaria Lat 43.7370, Long 23.9749


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