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New Van & Big Project

We are STOKED to finally get a 4x4 rig - we have been after this since the beginning of our van-life journey in 2017!!

We are TOTALLY buzzing to have the opportunity to own one of these AWESOME vans - we have gotten ourselves a Mercedes Sprinter 4x4.

As you may have guessed from some of the places we have taken our current van, we love a bit of adventure and have always had a big 4x4.... mostly pickups that have been 100% used and abused. We have wanted a 4x4 rig since the beginning of our van-life journey and are SO pumped with our new van!

We are going to be doing a complete conversion from an empty van to full time adventure rig - its a long term project, with the priority being getting it livable to become our new full time home.... the rest will be done along the way.

We are in our second year of van living, so have HEAPS of ideas of what we want and don’t want.

This is a long wheel base 5 tonner - we need this weight being a family of four. It’s a bit of a compromise on size - we didn’t want to go huge as some of the most amazing places we have been, we wouldn’t have got to in a bigger rig, so this van fits the bill - we cannot wait to get going on it, stay tuned to see how it goes!



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