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Pound sterling, red post boxes, palm trees, brilliant sunshine, turquoise sea and Morrisons.....

..... what a mix - Gibraltar has been unreal!

Driving in with our van, we stuck to the main roads and did an easy lap of Gibraltar, taking a stop at Europa point.

We filled up on fuel before heading off, paying 98.9p/litre for diesel at Morrisons - WINNER!

Staying on the marina at the Spanish side of the border - €12 for 24hrs and this place has all the services for the van, a laundry and is staffed.... plus it's a pretty spot at night with a great view of the rock.

✩ Tip: Our van is 8m long and many non-main roads in Gibraltar were lined with parked cars, this made them a no go for us. Main roads were all good.

Gibraltar is TOTALLY one to stop at!

Type: €12/24hours

Services: Water, W.C empty , Grey Water Disposal, Laundry.

Coordinates: Lat 36.15614, Long -5.35723



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