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Lake Constance, Germany....

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

....... or as we were on the German shoreline, Bodensee, a beautiful clear water lake with heaps to do!

We spent a few days at Bodensee, a totally beautiful lake that borders Switzerland, Germany and Austria. With a fantastic cycle and walking rout, it will take you a fair while to complete a lap at approx 260km !

“.... arrive early and bag a space !”

The water at Lake Constance is clear and there is so much shoreline to choose from. The water can be pretty chilly early summer!

If you are in a van, it can be really busy in parking places and some get totally full.... arrive early and bag a space !

Type: Campsite €9 (elec and water extra fee)

Services: Water, Grey Water Disposal, W.C Disposal, Bins

Coordinates: Lat 47.6930 Long 9.2983



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