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Lichtenstein Castle, Germany

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

An inspiration from a romantic novel, built on the historical foundation walls of a medieval knights' castle......

Nestled in beautiful woodland countryside, this place is pretty impressive and 100% worth a visit - you can take a quiet stroll around the grounds and soak up that amazing view and/or enjoy a 30 minute guided tour inside this totally breathtaking castle.

Dogs are allowed in the grounds and if you are able to carry them, they are also able to accompany you into the castle - pretty awesome!

There is plenty of walking to do here, so be sure to wear your comfy shoes!

The drive up to this castle is charming and surrounded by woodland, on arrival we drove past the initial paying car park to the smaller and free top parking spaces.

Admission prices are as follows:

Castle grounds:

Adults €2

Children €1

30 Minute Guided Tour:

Adults €8

Children €3.50

Discount is available for groups of 20 + people.

If you fancy a totally amazing and unique venue to rent for your wedding or other event, this may just be the place!

Coordinates: Lat 48.4066 Long 9.2560



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