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Nagyvaty, Hungary

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Unspoilt, beautiful and totally charming....

Our camp at Camping Idyll, Hungary

On route to Hungary, we nipped through the North of Croatia, as we plan to visit there in low season....

A few photos of our drive through North Croatia.

So, onto Hungary........ Another unspoilt and picturesque country and another to add to our favourites list. We totally loved our time here and ended up staying for a good few nights, this place is just so charmingly beautiful - at some point we will be heading back this way for sure.

We stayed at Camping Idyll, this site has great facilities, laid back vibes and a bakery van that comes by every morning, winner!

Type: Campsite

Services: Water, Showers, Bins, Toilets, W.C Disposal, Waste Water Disposal, Play Area

Coordinates: Lat 46.0588, Long 17.9326



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