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Nazare, Portugal

Once a small quiet fishing village and now a legendary spot......

There is some serious WOW factor right here - this place has been described as the jaws of the ocean itself.

We arrived to waves up to 7m/22ft - stood up by the lighthouse looking down, the waves dwarf the surfers and jet skis... look close enough at these photos and you will see these guys!

This place is mind blowing, right here the Atlantic Ocean really shows its incredible strength. The truly huge waves can get up to 30m/100ft, crashing into the rugged coastline right in front of you.

Nazare is 100% one to get yourself to - to really appreciate how much of a beast this is, you have gotta get yourself here..... we are TOTALLY heading back here in search of these monster waves, may see you there!

* Tip: before planning our visit we checked out the surf forecast at:

* Tip: the best time to visit Nazare for the monster waves is October - March.

Coordinates: Lat: 39.6045, Long: -9.08462



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