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The Wagons

Our rolling homes have been our only homes since 2017.... we’ve seen some sensational places, experienced some unreal situations - some really amazing + some we never want to repeat??... HELL YEAH!!

We’ve made beautiful new lasting connections + soaked up every moment we can along the way

100% we’ve learnt a LOT in these years.

Take a gander, here’s some info on our vans past & present....

Iveco Eurocargo RS Race Cruiser
Iveco eurocargo motorhome rs race cruiser

More details to come on this wagon… be sure to stay tuned to see how we go!… find us on on our socials!

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Our current home and biggest rig yet.  The Iveco Race Cruiser is a 7.5t set up and at 9.1m long, this is a bit of a beastie!

We’ve given ourselves another steep learning curve with SO much new stuff going on here.

Quick Run Down:

* GVW: 7.5 ton

* Weight We Run At: to be confirmed

* Length: 9.1m

* Width: 2.34m

* Height: 3.6m

* Engine size: 4.0 TD

* Fuel Consumption: 19mpg

* Solar Power: coming soon!

* Hobs: 4 gas

* Oven/Grill: both

* Shower: indoor

* Toilet: macerating

* Hot water: diesel

* Heating: diesel/electric hot air blown

* Beds: over cab, big lounge + dinette converts, huge fixed bed over garage (7ft6 x 6ft)

* Months Lived In: 4 months

* Number of countries adventured: WATCH THIS SPACE

* Distance travelled: 460miles 738km... let’s get this wagon rolling

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 516 4x4
Fully Off-Grid Self Build

In 2019 came our awesome Mercedes 4x4 - this one pushed us on ALL levels.... we were parked in a field, whilst we converted this rig from an empty van to our fully off grid adventure home, whilst living in it & a drive away awning - from summer through to December end.

Its been worth it & we’ve had one hell of an experience with this wagon.

Quick Run Down:

* GVW: 5 ton

* Weight We Run At: 4.475 ton

* Length: 7m

* Width: 1.98m

* Height: 3.1m

* Engine size: 2.1 TD

* Fuel Consumption: 21mpg

* Solar Power: 500w

* Hobs: 2 ceramic - diesel/electric

* Oven/Grill: no

* Shower: outdoor

* Toilet: compost

* Hot water: no

* Heating: diesel/electric hot air blown

* Beds: fixed small double, 2 fixed bunks

* Months Lived In: 18 months solid

* Number of countries adventured: 14 + 3 Greek islands

* Distance travelled: 15,000miles or 24,140km

Off Road Campervan
Ford Roller Team Motorhome

First up was our Ford motorhome - this gave us a wealth of experience & knowledge of what we wanted & needed from our tiny home.... plus this rig holds those precious memories of our first voyage together as a family, into this lifestyle... not forgetting finding Cooper pup + him joining our crew!

Quick Run Down:

* GVW: 4.3 ton (uprated from 3850kg)

* Weight We Run At: 4,270kg

* Length: 8.4m with our bikes (living space 7.3m)

* Width: 2.3m

* Height: 2.95m

* Engine size: 2.4 TD

* Fuel Consumption: 24mpg

* Solar Power: 240w

* Hobs: 2 gas

* Oven/Grill: both

* Shower: indoor

* Toilet: cassette

* Hot water: gas

* Heating: gas/electric hot air blown

* Beds: over cab, dinette + U shape lounge converts

* Months Lived In: 23 months solid

* Number of countries adventured: 17 + 1 Greek island

* Distance travelled: 18,000miles or 28,968km

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