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Mercedes Benz
Sprinter 516

4x4 sprinter van

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 516 4x4

Our Mercedes Sprinter van is a long wheel base 516 4×4.  Its a 5 tonner, meaning its gross vehicle weight (GVW) is 5 tonnes, making it a real rare beast!


GVW = the max a vehicle can weigh whilst staying legal and safe, this includes EVERYTHING, even the driver, all passengers, full water and fuel tanks, plus all our gear, hence being a family of 4, full time in this van, we can not get away with the 3.5 tonne version.


During 2019 we fully built this van out ourselves, in the middle of a field where we are parked up, whilst living in it... a really hard time and one awesome experience, we're so glad we had!

We really wanted this rig to be set up ready for any adventure, Martin being an engineer, has the skills to make this happen and we’re totally proud of the outcome.

It's a 4 berth with all fixed beds, a fully off grid adventure wagon, running solely on diesel and solar power.   


We have 500w of Panasonic solar up top, 280ah of leisure batteries and diesel powered cooker and heating by Wallas – plus the small and mighty Caframo 12v fans and an amazing MaxxAir roof fan.


Decked out with as much insulation as possible from the guys at The Sound Deadening Shop, to keep this rig cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter… this was essential for us and has 100% been worth it.

Winter Yokohama Geolander GO15 tyres on the wheels, these are known to be hard wearing all terrains and with the miles we do that’s just what we need, taking us through snow and minus temperatures to +40°c of sun and sand!

Updates on our journey are also happening on our socials – facebook pageyoutube channel and instagram - we'd love to see you over there!

panel van vs motorhome
sprinter campervan self build
sprinter 4x4 van
mercedes sprinter campervan
off road campervan
Sprinter kitchen close up.jpg
Paleo, Corfu, our fam by the sprinter van.jpeg
sprinter kefalonia poros.jpeg
sprinter 4x4 kefalonia.jpeg

Building A Van Out?

If you're in the process of building a campervan or seriously considering your options.  Maybe you're not sure whats best for you or your family, or hit a bit of a wall with a particular stage... we can help!

Why us?... we are one of, if not the most, experienced mentors you will find within this area:

  1. over half a decade solid, living in vehicles on the road

  2. built our own fully off-grid 4x4 home, with our own hands, plus tried and tested this rig for 2years of real life family use.

  3. intrepid travellers, pushing our vehicles and getting out there.

  4. lived, travelled, worked and learned, in 3 very different rolling homes, upgrading all of them to be as self sufficient as we can.

  5. raised our two girls living our nomadic lifestyle 

  6. personally rescued two puppies and raised them on the road, internationally throughout the UK, Europe, The Balkans and Turkiye

  7. wintered mostly in the UK, Alps and Pyrenees (temps reading -18c), summers in Greece, Turkiye and UK (temps reading +45c outside in the shade)

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