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Snowdonia, Wales

We have been hiding out at this TOTALLY breathtaking and peaceful spot in Cwm Cynfal...

Wild and free with the MOST stunning scenery surrounding us - grassy slopes, rugged rocks and clear water streams. The lake right next to us has super clear water, so still it reflects the mountain beside perfectly.

This is one special place and is hands down our fav spot so far in Wales!

✩ Milo and Cooper had an awesome time here.... loads of space and no one else about.

✩ this place is totally out of the way with no phone signal - BLISS!

✩ there are no services here at all - so be prepared to take all litter away with you and seek bins elsewhere.

If you are looking for a campsite in this truly beautiful part of the world, take a look at Black Rock Sands or Shell Island.

Type: Wild

Services: None - lets keep this place beautiful and leave no trace!

Coordinates: Lat 52.96367, Long -3.86906



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